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10 #CastMemberProblems

10 problems only cast members of Hollywood Studios would know the true pain of…

DHS Front Gate

That Moment When…

10) …You realize there is a marathon.

9) …You forget your nametag and realize you are going to be “Chris” from “Connecticut” all day.

8) …You realize you just got hurt and now will be rolling Jedi certificates for a week.

7) …You rush to clock in on-time and both of the clocks at the entrance are broken.

6) …They extend park hours on the one night you have plans.

5) …Parking decides to try another parking route for cars on the one day you are running late.

4) …You realize a cast member is following you around to get your parking spot.

3) …You forget your ID and realize you will now be interrogated outside the cheese grater, like a prisoner, for 10 minutes.

2) …You walk into the cheese grater on the way out and it stops you cold, because it didn’t release from the person before you yet.

1) …Epcot parking (enough said).

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