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5 common sense, yet often ignored, steps to getting hired again

I find that common sense is not something inherited by everyone. So…here are 5 common sense steps to make your chances of getting re-hired better!

1)      Show up on time! Do you remember that saying, “Early is on-time, on-time is late?” Do your due diligence and at least be sitting in a chair in the break room at call time.  Don’t be in the parking lot!

2)      Know who is around you! Be careful what you say, you never know who is listening! The end client, your bosses’ client, and your boss always happen to be on the other side of the door when you say that one terrible thing about how bad they pay you!

3)      Do your job. This might seem stupid, but we all know those people who don’t do the job they were hired for! If you are hired for atmosphere dancing…then dance! There is no reason to be hanging, talking to the bartender! We all know after 29 minutes of hard work, the only time the client see’s you is the one minute you stop to take a break.  Such a cliché, but you are always on stage!

4)      Be polite to the client! Just like your mom taught you, remember to occasionally use please and thank you! Ok…I added the occasionally, but you would be surprised how a heartfelt “thank you” once in a while turns into the client requesting you by name! Remember that you are not only representing your agent or company, but more important, you are representing yourself!

5)      Clean up after yourself! This one happens more often than you think.  If you were at home you would clean up your stuff (well…some of you), so why not clean up after yourself at a gig? Is it really that hard to push the chairs back in or throw the water bottles away? After breaking down the entire event, the last thing the client wants to do is pick up your trash!

By Zachary Miller

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