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5 Ways to not get the part…

5 ways to not get the part.

               -Sincerely, Not Your Next Stage Manager

Every person has something that pisses them off. There’s always that one little thing that someone else does that throws you, wait…hurls you…off the edge! Lucky for you, we have interviewed some stage managers and grilled them about what really ticks them off! Lucky for me…I am not the one getting hired!

In this article, I will look at 5 ways to send your next potential stage manager over the edge at the audition.  Don’t want to get the part? Then do these 5 things and you surely will have no problem getting cut for a random “type out.” Hah!

1) Put no effort or thought into your resume, and I mean absolutely no stinking thought at all!  When a stage manager glances over your resume, he or she is getting a first impression of you. Don’t ruin the impression because you handwrote your special skills in the margin or forgot to change the name of the person you copied the resume from!

2) Audition for something that you don’t want.  Guess what?! Not wanting it shows clearly, even on the best liar’s face.  Stage managers don’t want their time wasted just as much as you don’t want yours wasted! If you don’t want it, don’t audition.

3) Come to an audition that you know you can’t fill the requirements for! “Hey, even though the breakdown explicitly indicates ‘10 pull-ups required at the audition,’ I’m going to go even though I can’t.” Or…”I know this is an audition for a tap solo, but maybe they will look past the fact that I don’t tap and hire me for my jazz skill.” No…No…No. Again, refer to the second bullet point, don’t waste their time!

4) Don’t follow simple directions. Doing a backflip when they asked to see a back roll doesn’t impress anyone. It just shows you SUCK at following directions and should NOT be hired.

5) Use your phone at the audition. In fact, why not just talk on your phone in the waiting room, text when they are speaking to the group, and let the phone ring when the stage manager is calling your number.  They really love that! I don’t believe any extra explanation is necessary here. Don’t use your phone AT ALL!

And there you go…5 ways to not get the part…OR, really piss off your direct boss for your next year contract. Good luck with that!

*All 5 ways to throw your stage manager over the edge were collected from actual stage managers.  You wouldn’t believe the stories they had!

AuditionInside wants to hear from you! Have you done anything extremely dumb in an audition? Have you seen anything in an audition that really irked the stage manager? Let us know at [email protected]!

By Zachary Miller

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