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AuditionInside.com – The Low Down

After starting to write blogs under the name AuditionInside, it dawned on me that some artists may not know who we are or what we do.  I thought this would be a great time to explain exactly what AuditionInside is and…what better way to explain what something is then to answer those five questions we have been told, or in most cases forced, to answer since we started school. You guessed it: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?!


First off, my name is Zach Miller and I am an acrobat out of Florida. About two years ago, I set out to develop a personal website on WIX to advertise my performing. As part of that website, I dedicated a section to posting auditions that I had heard about. Real quick I learned that it was a lot more fun, and much more useful to other people, to focus on the audition portion. Enter into the scene: AuditionInside! I ditched the personal WIX site and set out to create a user friendly website dedicated solely to helping artists find auditions and submission notices in the United States.

Who is it for?

It’s for artists of all types! According to the all-knowing Wikipedia.org, an artist is “a person engaged in one or more of any of a broad spectrum of activities related to creating art, practicing the arts, and/or demonstrating an art.” We house auditions & submission notices for all genre’s, from acrobats to actors to musicians to script writers. If you can audition for it, we probably have it!

What is it for?

It’s for artists looking for their next job, their next gig, or the experience of a lifetime. But that’s not it! We also have news, advice, and exclusive resources for artists. Our Open Mic section contains advice and news about entertainment. Our Green Room section contains photographers, talent agents, and training venues that offer discounts to AuditionInside members. And lastly, we are continually thinking of new ways to aid artists in the entertainment industry!

When is it useful?

AuditionInside is useful to artists all the time. Many people think that it can only be useful when you are looking for a new job, but that is far from the truth!  Not only do we contain postings for shows, but we also have employers that post audition and submission notices for “one-off” gigs. Gigs that are easily “doable” on off days. If you are a member, than you can see and apply to these notices!

Where do the auditions come from?

Auditions on the website come from one of two places. They either come from employers who have created an account with AuditionInside or they are found and posted by us at AuditionInside! Either way, we take care of all the work for you. Let us use our extensive database and processes to find the auditions and put them in one easy place for you!

Why should I use AuditionInside?

The best question – saved for last! This is easy, why spend countless hours searching for auditions and submission notices when they are already gathered in one place just for you? Not only that, but it is cheap! For less than $5 you can see auditions with unlimited access for the whole month. Let us take some of the stress out of gaining experience and finding your next job! Go AuditionInside!

By Zachary Miller

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