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How To Find Auditions

How do I find auditions?

This is often the “money” question for artists everywhere. Most say, “If only I could find all of the auditions, I would have a really good chance at landing my next job!” Well…it’s time to let you in on “the secret.” Wait just a minute…Why in the world did you write “the secret” in quotations, Zach?  This is because it is actually no secret at all! The auditions are always right out in front of us. We just have to do a little digging to find them. It is important to remember that employers are not trying to hide audition postings from you. These employers have an incentive to get their audition postings out to as many people as possible. The more people that see the posting, the more people that come to the audition, the larger their talent pool becomes, and at the end of the day, the show will have better talent!

Below you will find many ways to search for auditions and links to help you out! Enjoy and pass this along to as many artists as you can. This type of information deserves to be had by all artists!

News Alerts

With the increase of technology on the web, alerts have never been so easy to use. All you do is set up key terms that you would like the news source to alert you to whenever it used. The service normally picks up all websites, blogs, and videos that use the keywords you indicate and then delivers them right to your inbox. Personally, I like going through these emails, so I use the keyword “audition.”  However, if you don’t want to sort through 100’s of listings, narrow your search to “Orlando auditions” or “New York auditions.” Many websites allow you to set this up. My personal favorite is Google Alerts. You can set the alerts at Google to show up daily, weekly, or as they appear on the web.

Local Newspaper Websites

This one requires a slight bit more searching. A lot of times local newspapers carry audition notices or they “word vomit” press releases from employers about auditions right onto their website. Try searching the name of your local paper and the keyword “audition” in a major search engine. Once you have this page, save it and check back often. You would be surprised what kind of listings you will find. Also, remember that there are multiple newspapers in every area. Make sure to find all of them so that you have a good selection of auditions. Here is an example of what one looks like from my local paper, The Orlando Sentinel.

Audition Websites

There are few quality audition websites out there for artists. When you do find one that fits you, they are a gold mine! These websites basically do all of the searching for you or have enough pull in the industry that employers come to them to post audition notices. Two websites worth checking out are Backstage and AuditionInside. But, and here is a big BUT, make sure that the audition website you attempt to use holds the type of auditions you are looking for. For example, some of these websites post only Broadway auditions or some will post only TV & film auditions. Make sure to browse the website and confirm that it is a good fit BEFORE you spend any money!

Union Websites

Did you know that Actors Equity posts all of their auditions right on their website for anyone to see? In fact, it is a requirement that every union theatre report their audition to AEA. This can be an extremely useful tool. But you ask, “I’m not union, why would I want this?” Great question. The majority of theatre’s posting auditions do not hire exclusively union workers. In fact, many of them are on “mini” equity contractors for only a few performers. What ends up happening is the theatre has a combined audition called an “open audition” or a “non-required” audition. This is what you are looking for! This is an audition that you would be allowed to go to as a non-equity member.

It is also a good thing to check local union websites for audition postings. For example, the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) union tends to have separate websites for each of its different locales. On each of these websites, you may find audition postings for union jobs! (Again, remember that not all union auditions require that you are a union member)

Google Search

The easiest and most obvious tactic is to go to Google and type in your city and the keyword “auditions.” This will probably turn hundreds of results on auditions in the area. Be patient and search through at least 10 pages. Remember that most employers are not worried about backlinks and their spot on Google searches, thus they will not have spent the money to make sure their webpage is on the first page of results.

Employer Websites

Most employers include auditions on their company websites. I suggest using the Google search tactic and finding all “arts” or “entertainment” related companies in your area. Once you do this, search for their websites and locate their employment and/or audition sections. Save these in a separate folder in your bookmarks and check back often. Nowadays, employers are even adding an option for you to receive a newsletter of their auditions. Make sure to pay attention for this option! The best example is the Universal Studios Audition newsletter. They allow you to choose your specific type and abilities and in return, they send you all notices that relate to you.

Theatre Websites

Some websites whose main function is to provide news on theatre related items provide a section for auditions. The two most well-known are Broadway World and Playbill. Check these websites often for audition and submission notices and even take the time to sign up for the auditions to be delivered to your inbox. Don’t stop at the two websites listed here; find others that provide this same service. It is not hard with today’s search technologies.


We can never leave this tactic out. If there is one thing that never fails in our industry, it is our willingness to run our mouths about anything or anyone. My only advice here would be to share auditions that you hear about with everyone you know. The more you are willing to share, the more willing they will be to return the favor in the near future. Keep communication lines open with your peers and don’t hide auditions from anyone. One way or another they are going to find out about the audition. Why not tell them about it and earn bonus points?

Final Thought

So by no means is this “the end all be all” to finding auditions. There are many, many more ways to find auditions. This article is just to serve as a good base for you to get started. Lastly, here is a little known secret about newer companies holding auditions: They have not learned what avenue is the best for them to advertise their auditions, so they choose the most random ways of posting. It is this fact that makes it in your best interest to have all of your bases covered and to use all of these items, plus more, to find audition and submission notices.

Quick Audition Links:

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By Zachary Miller

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