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What Makes Basketball Bets Popular Today?

In 2007, the international company Tafisa conducted a study to identify the most popular sport in the world. Basketball ended up in sixth place, and, of the team sports, only football was able to overtake it. Bettors like basketball because of the high frequency of matches in the season and simply because of the entertainment of this sport. Therefore, basketball is always one of the main sports in the line of any bookmaker https://thebossbet.com/.

A Bit of History

Basketball is a relatively young sport that appeared at the end of the 19th century. Even the NBA League appeared only 70 years ago, although it might seem that it was an eternity ago. The game is very popular in the USA, the Baltic States, Israel, Turkey, Russia, Spain. For 2015, FIBA included 213 national federations.

Basic Rates

  • The outcome. Since draws in basketball are very rare, offices usually give a two-digit coefficient for this outcome. If the bookmakers do not give quotes for a draw, then this means that the bet is accepted taking into account overtime.
  • Total. Betting on total in basketball is perhaps the most popular market. In murals, offices usually give a large number of totals.
  • Handicap. No bet on handicap in basketball. If in the NBA the level of teams is still not very different from each other, then in European tournaments the leaders are head and shoulders stronger than outsiders.
  • Individual indicators. This is a very popular betting market. Typically, the office offers one total basketball player points, and the bettor decides whether he can take it or not. You can also bet on which of the pair of players will score the most points.
  • Other rates. Bookmakers also accept bets on the outcome of the quarter, the individual total of the teams, the result of the first half of the game, etc. Offices in these markets are usually given with increased margins, while the limits in them are small.

Event Analysis

Basketball teams spend 10-12 matches per month, which, undoubtedly, is only for the handicappers. The game form in 2-3 days is unlikely to change dramatically, so the statistics of recent games need to be paid extra attention. Statistics in basketball in general is of great importance, so ask how teams play at home, away, which of them has better statistics of personal meetings. Check useful betting tips here.

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