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Handball Betting Strategy: Theory and Practice

Handball is not considered the most popular kind of sport. But professional players understand that it’s possible to have a stable profit if betting on handball. Today, there are many lucrative handball betting strategies. Let's analyze the most popular of them for you to succeed when betting on https://100betz.com/handball/.

According to statistics, handball is perhaps the most predictable sport. Sensations are extremely rare here. A favorite can go through the whole championship without a single defeat.  Not surprisingly, catching up on a favorite in handball is very popular among professionals and beginners. The strategy implies a constant increase in the amount of loss so that the winning result overlaps previous losses and makes a profit. What are other strategies you can use? Check them below.

Draw in Handball

Draws in handball game are extremely rare. That is why the odds on them start at 8.00. When choosing an event, you cannot analyze upcoming matches. Statistical indicators are also unlikely to help. Here it is necessary to act clearly according to the methodology. Use the notorious catch-up. Choose a specific team. Wait for a series of 5-6 matches without a tie and catch up with the desired result. Some bettors choose several popular leagues and bet a fixed amount daily for all matches in a row. Practice shows that there are days when more than 30% of meetings end in a draw.

Handball Betting Total Strategy

Handball total betting strategy is usually applied in live. There are several patterns:

  • If the teams score a lot in the first half, then in the second the effectiveness decreases.
  • Opponents scored little at the beginning of the quarters and in the last minutes of the match.
  • The outsider usually acts more productively at the beginning of the fight, until the leader is drawn into the game.
  • Favorites often start the game with the second team. This allows the underdogs to gain an advantage in the debut.

Live Handball Betting Strategy

Closely monitor the progress of matches in real time. If you see a suitable situation for playing on the handball betting strategy, then take action. But remember that it is impossible to deviate from the chosen technique. If you see a meeting in which events are not entirely favorable for betting on the chosen handball strategy, then it is better not to tempt fate. Take a break today. Matches will certainly appear tomorrow, which are ideal for playing according to the strategy of handball bets in live.

Try each of the strategies and you’ll find the one that will work best for you!

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