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About Us

One website, opening the door for artists everywhere.

Audition Inside aims to be North America’s number #1 job opportunity resource for artists. Artists from every sector of the entertainment industry (musical, performing, literary, visual, etc.) can come to Audition Inside in order to find job opportunities in their line of work. Browse through our site and you will find audition notices, submission requests for talent, casting calls, and much more! You can count on Audition Inside to continually make the process of finding your next job opportunity as “painless” as possible!

How it all started…

Audition Inside was the concept of a single entertainer. A place where he could go to find his next dream job. On his journey to find this “dream” job he rummaged through hundreds, if not thousands of websites. When he got lucky and found the right one, it was too late. When he found the wrong one, he sat for weeks waiting for a reply. Just once he wished he would not miss an audition because he wasn’t “in the know!”

Fast forward…

…and Audition Inside was born. Audition Inside is a place that will make all artists’ lives easier!

  • No longer do artists have to navigate hundreds of websites to find auditions
  • No longer do artists have to send out hundreds of resumes for that small chance someone would respond
  • No longer do artists have to be “out of the know!”

Audition Inside is striving to become the leading source for all artist job opportunities alike, from acting to modeling to disc jockeys to stage performers. Audition Inside will know no bounds!

Not sold on Audition Inside yet? How about this? Audition Inside is run by artists just like you. You can count on Audition Inside to provide the best, most up-to-date and relevant information available! Hey, if the whole artist community can’t benefit from the information…then it doesn’t end up on the website! And, if you want to see something else on our site…Let Us Know! Our primary objective is to be here for YOU, the artist!

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