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According to the 2010 U.S. Census, almost 3 million residents revealed they were in the business of Arts, Entertainment, and Recreation —- not including the many international artists that flock to the United States to work!  Each month artists looking for work conduct over 40,000 Internet searches for the words “open casting calls” and over 33,000 search for “open auditions.”  All the artists are looking for employers like you!

  • Can you guarantee these artists will be directed to your website?
  • Can you imagine what a talent pool, even a quarter of a pool this big, could do for your shows and productions?

Audition Inside is a one-stop-shop for artists and employers alike! While the artists are decreasing their stress, you will be decreasing the amount of time and money spent on finding talent!

We won’t stop there!  The benefits of posting on Audition Inside extend further:

  • Increase your audition attendance
  • Increase your exposure in the artist community
  • Extend your reach to include a bigger and better talent pool
  • Be featured in our weekly audition newsletter

And guess what?! It is free to get involved with AuditionInside.com!

Let Audition Inside create the audience to view your audition!  All you have to do is sign up and post your audition!  It can’t get any easier than this free advertising! Are you imagining thousands of artists coming to one website to find their next audition? Audition Inside can already see it!  Don’t miss out! Become a part of Audition Inside TODAY!

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