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Gretna Theatre 2015 Season Auditions in March

Gretna Theatre 2015 Season – EPA in NYC
Gretna Theatre | Mt. Gretna, PA
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions in NYC
MONDAY, MARCH 23, 2015 
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM
lunch 1 to 2

ref. to COST; $600/week (SM); $500/week (actors)

Actors’ Equity Association Audition Center
165 West 46th Street
16th Floor
New York, NY 10036
Studio A

Equity actors and actor/singers for the 2015 Season.

see breakdown

4 AEA contracts and 1 AEA stage manager contract available per show to be cast among all available roles.

Please prepare songs, 16 to 32 bars of an up-tempo and a ballad, bringing music in your key. For Non-singing roles bring a monologue appropriate to the character. Total audition time should not exceed two minutes.

Bring picture and resume, stapled together.

Other Dates
Local PA EPA 3/7 at Movement Laboratory
NYC EPA 3/23 at AEA

See breakdown for general information on the theatre and the season.

Directors, Musical Directors & Choreographers may also attend the auditions if available

Auditions will be conducted by Producing Artistic Director Larry Frenock, Associate Artistic Director Renee Krizan, Casting Director Christian Saint-Girard.

· EPA Rules are in effect.

· A monitor will be provided.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.



4 AEA Actor contracts available per show. 1 Stage Manager contract for season.

Child actor for THE LITTLE MERMAID will be hired ONLY non-AEA & locally in PA. ONLY those with local housing/transportation will be considered.
Children only be seen at 3/7 in Lebanon as time permits.

REHEARSALS Tue-Sun, typically 9:30–5:30, with “10 out of 12” hour Tech & Dress rehearsals in the 2 afternoons/evenings prior to opening.

PERFORMANCES typically 5/wk – Thu 2PM & 7:30PM, Fri 7:30PM, Sat 7:30PM, Sun 2PM (Sat eve shows of LITTLE MERMAID begin at 7PM. No perf of MURDER ON THE NILE on 8/2, but there will be a special SAT MAT on 8/1)

STAGE MANAGERS: Seeking 1 AEA stage manager, available 6/23-8/23. AEA SMs email resume and references to Producing Artistic Director Larry Frenock immediately at larryfrenock@gretnatheatre.com. Stage Managers may also attend the EPAs for an initial interview.



For directions: www.GretnaTheatre.com/Auditions

Must have recent photo & current resume. Resume must include your contact info (address, telephone(s) & email

Do NOT submit your materials by email if you plan to attend the EPAs.

IMPORTANT! At audition, have resume attached to the back of your photo; be sure full contact info is on your resume including where you live (we need to know for housing purposes if you are local, have the possibility of local housing, or are an out of town artist – whether we audition you in NYC or locally). Note your correct height & weight as well as your vocal type. Have sheet music in key with start & end places clearly marked. We may or may not have you sing your second piece, so sing what you consider your very best first.

If you cannot attend the EPAs, you may email your picture and resume immediately for consideration to Casting Director Christian Saint-Girard at jobs@gretnatheatre.com. You MUST note which roles you wish to be considered for in the subject line of your email.



1 of the 4 AEA members will be signed to a Chorus Contract, most likely with a rider to play a principal role -will be considered at the EPA – no ECCs will be held.

Music: Alan Menken
Lyrics: Howard Ashman, Glenn Slater
Book: Doug Wright
Dir/Mus. Staging: Jason Summers
Chor: Judy Williams Henry
Music Dir: Under negotiation
1st reh: 6/30 (1 week)
runs: 7/9-7/19 (5 perfs/wk)

The original Broadway cast recording differs from the new revised script; some numbers are deleted, others have been added or changed.

Prince Eric
Tenor/Lyric Baritone 20s. Excellent actor/singer. Handsome, charming, adventurous prince; captures Ariel’s heart.

Any vocal type 45-55. Excellent comic character actor who “speak/sings” his music. Faithful servant & friend to the prince & close ally of his father the late king.

King Triton
Baritone 45+. Excellent actor/singer with commanding presence. King of the Sea, father of Ariel & the Mersisters; brother to the evil Ursula. Typically cast African-American.

Bari-tenor 25+. Excellent comic actor/singer. A crab; Ariel’s musical guardian, Triton’s faithful servant & court composer. Main comic relief. Listed as baritone but requires some strong tenor notes. Jamaican accent required.Typically cast African-American.

Pilot/Chef Louis
Bari-tenor 40s. Excellent comic actor/singer. (This MAY be an AEA chorus contract with principal rider). Pilot is the helmsman & nautical expert on Prince Eric’s ship. Chef Louis is the wild, frenetic, over-the-top head chef of the palace.

Mezzo/Belt, to convincingly portray ages 16-21. Excellent singer/actor with star quality & exceptional voice. Must carry the show even when not speaking or singing. Beautiful mermaid princess & youngest daughter of King Triton; longs to be human.

Alto/Belt 45-55. ROLE IS CAST. Will consider for possible replacement only. Excellent singer/actor with exceptional voice, comic timing and presence. Manipulative sea witch who tries to overthrow her brother King Triton by taking advantage of her niece Ariel’s naivete. A true villainess

By Agatha Christie
Dir: Daniel Winerman
1st reh: 7/21 (1 week)
Runs: 7/30-8/1 (5 perfs)

Almost all requires excellent British RP accent. Some require French, Scottish or Arabic accents. Takes place in late 1930s.

Canon Ambrose Pennefather
50s-60s. Unofficial sleuth of the play. Although not a detective he possesses the same curious & analytical mind. Fanatical British clergyman; also speaks fluent French. Guardian/honorary uncle to Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn. Originally intended to be a Hercule Poirot type & portrayed as such in the film & TV versions, in the play is a sort of British version of that venerable Christie character. Well educated, large & imposing. Excellent character actor with great stage presence. Starring role

Simon Mostyn
28-30. Attractive, boyish charmer, shallow but seemingly devoted to his new, very rich bride Kay. Former fiancé of Jacqueline. Not born to wealth or position. British RP accent

Dr. Bessner
45–55. Middle-aged, rather tubby doctor with a thick middle European accent (leaning toward German/Slavic). From a country whose economy was ruined by the dealings of Kay’s father.

Miss Helen Ffoliot-ffoulkes
60. Wealthy, autocratic snob. Can’t be bothered with trivial things or people. Aided by her niece/traveling companion Christina. Quintessential British upper class lady type.

Kay Ridgeway-Mostyn
mid 20s. Fair haired & complexioned. Attractive, self-assured; used to her own way. Supposedly the richest girl in England. Newly married to Simon, the former fiancé of her good friend & former classmate Jacqueline. Her guardian/uncle is Canon Pennefather. British RP accent.

Jacqueline De Severac
mid 20s. Dark haired & complexioned. Vivacious. Kay’s ex-best friend & classmate & Simon’s ex-fiancee. Obsessed with Simon. Can be both cool & emotional. On the edge. Educated in English so has British RP accent but speaks fluent French from her heritage


(Small Cast Version)
Created by Richard Maltby, Jr.
Conceived by William Meade
1st reh: 8/11 (1 week)
Runs: 8/20-8/23 (5 perfs)

NOTE: ESPECIALLY INTERESTED IN THOSE WHO HAVE DONE THIS SHOW BEFORE due to the short rehearsal period. This may be cast as two women and three men. Final determination depends on actual instruments played by those cast.

Typically baritone/bass, 35+. Strong Country Vocalist playing acoustic guitar. The main narrator of the piece. Though he does not imitate or portray Johnny Cash, he is the closest in ‘type.’

35+. Strong Country Vocalist playing electric guitar, banjo & fiddle.

35+. Strong Country Vocalist playing acoustic & electric guitar.

35+. Strong Country Vocalist playing bass (preferably double bass but electric bass can be used) along with various percussion.

Vocal Range belt mix, 35+. Strong Country Vocalist playing acoustic guitar

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