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Male & Female Actor Auditions for New Harmony Theatre Summer Season

New Harmony Theatre 2015 Summer Season – NYC EPA
New Harmony Theatre | Evansville, IN
Date of Audition:

Call Type
Equity Principal

Equity Principal Auditions
Wednesday, March 11, 2015
10 AM to 6 PM
Lunch 1:30 to 2:30


Ripley-Grier 520 (Everyone must show
government photo ID to enter building.
520 8th Ave. (36th/37th)
New York, NY

Equity male and female actors for various roles in the upcoming 2015 Summer Season.

see breakdown.

See breakdown for full preparation instructions.

Bring picture and resume.

Other Dates
Local EPA in IN: 2/28, 10am to 2pm, at USI
NYC EPA: 3/11, 10am to 6pm, at Ripley Grier Studios


Producing Artistic Director: Elliot Wasserman
Resident Associate Director: Eric Altheide
Managing/Marketing Director: Angela Torres

· EPA Rules are in effect.

· A monitor will be provided.

Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend.

Always bring your Equity Membership Card to auditions.


Preparation Instructions:

Prepare EITHER:
1) A Brief monologue as described below; OR
2) A Brief song as described below; OR
3) If auditioning for both the plays and the musical, prepare a 1 minute monologue and 16 bars of a song as described below

Total audition time should not exceed 2 minutes.

For the plays: Prepare a brief monologue for ON GOLDEN POND and OUTSIDE MULLINGAR. For OUTSIDE MULLINGAR be prepared to demonstrate an Irish dialect.

For the musical: Those auditioning for THE FULL MONTY should prepare an excerpt from an up-tempo song representative of the musical’s style and energy.

Accompanist provided. Bring picture and resume.

2015 SEASON:

rehearsal starts June 2, 2015


Norman Thayer:
79 years old, whose wry sense of humor is made sharp by his ability to reference his age with the privilege of his naturally dominant personality. This crustiness is a shell he can’t readily discard, however. As such, it is sometimes difficult for him to convey his true feelings.

Ethel Thayer:
69 years old. Cheerful and energetic. A nurturer. Sees right though her husband’s façade to the goodness in his heart. There is no quit in here. She is abundantly loving.

Chelsea Thayer:
42, their daughter, divorced. Perhaps once she was simply desperate to be happy, but now she may be learning that she can take patient steps to improve her life.

Bill Ray:
45, a wealthy Los Angeles dentist. Chelsea’s fiancée. Tolerant, but with a surprising amount of strength at his core. He will accommodate, but he will not be ill-used.

Billy Ray:
13, Bill’s son. His status as a child of divorce empowers him to be on the margin of impertinence. This quality sets up a wonderful


rehearsal starts June 23, 2015

Jerry Lukowski
(27-35) an unemployed mill worker whose less than perfect past behavior has put him at risk of losing his son to his ex-wife. Tenor with strong falsetto. Role will require some nudity.

Nathan Lukowski
(10-14) Jerry’s son. Loves his father, but recognizes his faults.

Pam Lukowski
(27-35) Jerry’s estranged wife. Mezzo

Dave Bukatinsky
(27-35) Jerry’s overweight best friend who often finds himself caught up in Jerry’s schemes. Desperate to find meaning in his life since being laid off at the mill. Tenor. Role will require some nudity.

Georgie Bukatinsky
(27-35) Dave’s wife. Funny, energetic and madly in love with her husband, but feeling distant from him since he was laid off. Mezzo.

Harold Nichols
(40-50) Former supervisor at the mill, he has been lying to his wife about losing his job in order to allow her to continue her lavish lifestyle. Baritone. Role will require some nudity.

Vicki Nichols
(30-45) Harold’s wife. Though Harold fears she loves him mostly for what he provides them, she is dearly devoted and madly in love with him. Mezzo.

Malcolm Macgregor
(25-35) an unemployed mill worker who still lives at home with his mom. We first see Malcolm at the end of his rope having given up hope on life. He finds purpose by being a part of this group and also finds love. Tenor. Role will require some nudity.

Ethan Girard
(25-35) an unemployed mill worker with little talent except for what God equipped him with. Finds love with Malcolm. Tenor. Role will require some nudity

Noah (Horse) T. Simmons
(40-60) African-American, retired mill worker. Must be able to dance very well. Baritone. Role will require some nudity.

Buddy (Keno) Walsh
a male stripper, must have excellent physique; will play multiple roles

Teddy Slaughter
Pam’s new boyfriend. Will also double as a male stripper. Role may require some nudity.

Reg Willoughby
an unemployed mill worker. Will also double as a male stripper. Role may require some nudity.

Tony Giordano
a Buffalo club owner. Will also double as a male stripper. Role may require some nudity.

Molly MacGreggor
Malcolm’s ailing mother

Estelle Genovese
Jerry’s occasional girlfriend

Susan Hershey
friend of Pam and Georgie’s


rehearsal starts July 7, 2015

Tony Reilly:
75. An Irish Farmer. Widower. Tightlipped with a lifetime of secrets and guilt. Lung disease.

42. Irish. Tony’s son. Dutiful. Decent and hardworking. Cannot express his emotions freely. He endures.

Aoife Muldoon:
70. An Irish widow, neighbor to the Reillys. She struggles with heart disease but she has plenty to say before she succumbs. Plainspoken. Her issues are more urgent now that her husband has passed.

36, Irish. Like Tony, she has bottled her emotions, less stoic. Her manner inspires a question: What will happen when she has had enough?

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