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The All New Revue Presents: “That’s What You Get!” at the Orlando Fringe Festival

The All New Revue Presents: “That’s What You Get!”
Portals Theatre – Orlando, FL
55 min.
Red venue
Remaining showtimes: 5/18, 3:15 p.m.; 5/21, 7:30 p.m.; 5/24, 12:15 p.m.; 5/25, 3:00 p.m.
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By Kimberly A. Brown

Portals Theatre takes their turn at the Fringe Theatre Festival with a splendid musical comedy revue. A clever set of skits from an impressive set of actors, each feels like its own separate story, but many are cutely tied back to a main tale of a husband and wife (David Brescia and Kimberly Luffman), with a sassy grandmother (Kelley Addis) and a young daughter (Renee Monico) willing to bite for what she believes in. There’s some real thinking outside of the box in each of these scenes.

Sex becomes a game—literally—when a carny (Chris Prueitt) humorously challenges a young man (Brescia) to three attempts to “put the ball in the hole.” The scene bounces between the literal and figurative, as we see the man offer a pitch both toward the hole and to a lady (Taylor Elliot), attempting to dodge the fate of the “friend zone” should he flub up.

A reimagining of the Jaws franchise, à la Wicked, tells the tale from the point of view of the shark. In a hilarious turn by Addis, with a soft, high-pitched voice, the great white gives us her side of the story. She’s confused as to why “the skinny bitch” wouldn’t stop screaming when she simply suggested it was a little late for a swim. And the hole in the boat was accidental, of course, when she got carried away carousing with the boys inside: “Show me the way to go home, I’m tired and I want to go to bed … ”

And I musn’t leave out the how-I-met-your-mother date night at the all-too-authentic Greek restaurant, featuring questionable table service from a blind Oedipus (Dan Johnson), a drunken Dionysus (Monico), a slutty Aphrodite (Addis) and the rest of the Mount Olympus gang.

I stop here so as to not spoil all the goodies for you, but there’s some great stuff in there. A show worth checking out!

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